Bikini Season: Finding Perfect Bikinis

Bikini Season: Finding Perfect Bikinis


Finding the perfect bikini is a hell of a mission. I still don’t think I have even found it. There are so many components to it: high waist, low waist, amount of bum coverage, the seams, the details, the colours, shape, padded, non-padded, straps, style, the list can go on and one. No wonder it is so hard to find the p e r f e c t combination. So although we have established it is a nearly impossible mission I am going to try and make your life easier but sharing with you the styles and brands that have worked for me and some curated inspiration for you.

These pictures were shot in Indonesia last year, sorry I haven’t got recent images for you but I am yet to go on a sunny holiday in 2018 (but I am going away on Thursday, Y E Y). But as you can see, I like a high rise on the hips, this is because I do have wider hips so the style elongates my legs and draws attention to my waist. I try and go for a triangle style top or a halterneck. This is because I don’t have the largest boobs but I do have wide shoulders, so this shape complements both aspects. A lot of these bikinis are from last season BUT I do have this covered and I have found similar products from a range of brands and price points, they products below start at a higher price and gradually get lower.


Happy Shopping!


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Sommer Swim

Wanderlust Swim



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Fella Swim




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H&M Swim



Shop the Bikinis:

Next Swim


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