Skiing: Emu’s in the Snow

Snow comes and goes but having winter boots that are practical and comfy is essential during the winter. When I went skiing this year I thought it was the perfect opportunity to wear in my amazing Emu Shorline Leather Boots (which are currently in the sale). They are the dream, every day I looked forward to taking my ski boots off and slipping my tired feet into my sheepskin boots, they are so comfy to walk and lounge about in. I went for the leather boots because I thought they would be more practical in the snow, they have toe cap and moulded heel cup for support, sheepskin lined sole and a waterproof membrane. Team these boots with a pair of jeans and a parker for chic snow style.


Now that I am back in London I still wear these boots a lot, they are great for when you are popping out and you want to be comfy, when you are going on a walk in the country or going on an outdoors holiday. Emu boots will last you for years, their durability is amazing.







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